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Table of Contents

Do What You Can, With What You Have, Where You Are

Why leave the Philippines to Work Aboard?
1 Out of 10 Filipinos are Migrants | Top 10 OFW Sending Provinces | Not All Expats Make Buckets of Money

Chapter 1 - Why is Managing Money Difficult?

The Expat Syndrome | Myths of Instant Wealth | Investing Isn't Only for the Rich | Be Stronger Than Your Excuses | Saving on Coffee Will Not Make You Wealthy | 10 Wrong Ways to Save | Settling Your Goals

Chapter 2 - How to Never Run Out of Money?

Why Do You Want to Be Wealthy? | Stocks, Bonds, Hedge Funds, Derivatives - These Options Are Completely Irrelevant | Top Reasons Why You Didn't Get Wealthy | Know How Much Money You Need to Return to the Philippines for Good

Chapter 3 - The Real Cost of Credit

The Credit Card Installment Calculator | How to beat your bank: Play Your Cards Right | 7 Personal Loan Tricks Your Bank is Not Telling You | How to Get Rid of Credit Card Debts? | Crush Your Debt Diary

Chapter 4 - Conscious Spending

Save and Still Be Able to Splurge | Four Imaginary Accounts to Keep Up with the Kardashians | Mirror Budgeting for the OFW and Family Back Home | Guilt-Free Shopping | Saving With a Goal | Cost Documentation

Chapter 5 - Do You Really Need a Financial Adviser?

Good Advice But Pretty Useless | Why Pay if You Can Get It for Free? | Investments is Not Synonymous to Stocks | 3 Steps to Build Your Emergency Fund | Automate Your Savings

Chapter 6 - Your 6-Year Plan: Six Years of Overseas Work, Lifetime of Happiness in the Philippines

Managing Your Finances - If You're Single | Managing Your Finances - If You're Married | Love & Money | Work & Money | Where to Get More Money? | Handling Unexpected Income and Expenses

Chapter 7 - Investing Overseas

Why Many Expats Get Rooked? | Questions You Should Ask Before Getting an Offshore Investment | Ways to Make Sure Your Insurance is Not a Scam | Online Tools for Investing

Chapter 8 - Investing in the Philippines

The Keys to Home Ownership | In the Know: Rent or Buy? | Real Estate Made Easy | ABC (Always Be Curious) | Ideas for Aspiring Entrepreneurs | Putting Money in the Right Places

Chapter 9 - Super Tips From The Super Rich

Billionaire Wisdom | Mistakes You Will Never Make Again | Meet the Filipino Billionaires | Signs You Might Be a Millionaire in the Making | Inspiring Entrepreneurs | Making New Boxes, Rather than Thinking Out of the Box | Networking with the Wealthy

Chapter 10 - Know the Power of Filipino Migrants

Democratizing Wealth - Our Nation's Income Shouldn't be in the Hands of a Few | The Most Important Lesson: Your Ability to Save | The Philippines is Wealthy

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About the Authors

Barney Almazar

Atty. Barney Almazar is a director at the corporate-commercial department of Gulf Law in the Middle East, the Philippines and United Kingdom. He holds a UAE legal consultancy license and is a lifetime member of the Philippine Bar. Prior to his assignment in Dubai, he worked at JP Morgan Chase and PricewaterhouseCoopers where he advised multinational banks on the structure and taxation of financial instruments. He holds dual MBA and Juris Doctor degrees with specialization in International Business and EU Law (University of London). He was awarded as one of The Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) and commended by the Philippine Senate in 2015 for his contribution in protecting the interests of more than 3 million overseas Filipinos in the Middle East.

Grace Princesa

Amb. Grace Princesa is the first female Philippine Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates. She is a career diplomat and a distinguished Philippine public servant for almost 30 years. She is currently the Assistant Secretary of the Department of Foreign Affairs' Legislative Liaison Unit. Her stint in Baghdad, Iraq, from 2001 to 2003 merited her two Presidential Awards, Gawad Mabini Dakilang Kasugo Award in 2003, and Lingkod Bayan Award in September 2005 for successfully evacuating Filipinos before the outbreak of the 2003 US-Iraq war.